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2100A Logie Fish Counter

We have updated the firmware for the 2100A counter to reduce the rate at which the signal from the electrodes is sampled from 100Hz to 25Hz. This reduces the amount of signal processing which the microprocessor has to do and therefore reduces the chances of it being reset by the watchdog if there is great deal of signal activity.

There is a further bonus when being used with the graphics programme, namely that the amount of data being transferred via the serial link is quartered. We had experienced intermittent breakdown of the serial link, leading to very fragmented files but this modification has all but eliminated this effect on our test site.
To implement this change you are required to download the file below, which is a binary ROM image. This then requires to be written to a 256k (150nS) EPROM e.g. 27C256 using an EPROM programmer. If you do not have access to these facilities please contact us for a replacement EPROM.
You will also require the updated software to run on your PC namely FC21850 as below.
When running FC21850 press F1 to see a list of the firmware versions which this programme will support (V8.7 & V8.8)

Finally you require the updated graphics programme GR21350 as below. Note that the accompanying configuration file (grph.cfg) has the line
samplerate : 4
The numeric is the divider used in the reduced sample rate e.g. 100Hz to 25Hz is divide by 4. It is possible to use this programme with files at the earlier sample rate by using the line
samplerate : 1
We recommend that you keep the 2 sets of data in separate directories and that you have the appropriate version of grph.cfg in each directory.
The programme can be run under windows and the data files can be 'associated' with GR21350. It also works using files which have been 'zipped' using Winzip to view the contents and then clicking on the required data file.
GR21350 includes an on screen display of the data file name and the position in the file. These are also printed.

Download Table
File Description
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2100a Operating Manual
File size: 442KB
2100A Binary Eprom Image
File size: 15KB
2100A PC Control Programmes
File size: 33KB
2100A Graphics Programme
File size: 63KB

These pdf files require Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to be viewed.
If you do not have Reader installed follow the the link to Adobe on our links page.
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