2100C Logie Fish Counter

The 2100C is shown below. It is electrically virtually identical to the 2100B/C (discontinued), but now has additional transient protection and a different enclosure, to comply with EMC requirements.

The UK List prices for the Aquantic Logie 2100C fish counter, can be obtained by requesting a quotation via email to rs@aquantic-logie-fish-counters-ltd.com The prices will vary, depending on the number of fish counter channels you require. An additional option for lightning protection for the Electrode Interface channels, can be added at an additional cost.

There is a conductivity probe and environmental interface board available, again at an additional cost. This may be required, if the river water conductivity is low (<50uS) or if there are large changes in the conductivity in the river. To give additional protection against lightning damage, we can offer a panel fitted with 'instrument protectors'. For all price options, please contact rs@aquantic-logie-fish-counters-ltd.com where you will be provided with an up-to-date quotation.

All software listed below for the 2100C will only work on the Aquantic Logie 2100BC fish counters.

Download Table
File Description View or Download Acrobat File
Operating Manual 2100c.pdf
File Size: 395KB
Conductivity Setup conduct.pdf
File Size: 10KB
Requirements require.pdf
File Size: 41KB
Data Sheet 2100lurb1.pdf
File Size: 80KB

Quick Set-up Guide, Commands & Remote Operation

File Size: 34KB
2100B/C Windows Control Programme 2100BCControl.zip
File size: 482KB
2100B/C Windows Graph Programme with Video Capture 2100BCGraph.zip
File size: 481KB
2100C Binary Eprom Image 2100cbin.zip
File size: 13KB
2100C PC Control Programmes 2100fcpc.zip
File size: 77KB
2100C Graphics Programme gr21350.zip
File size: 63KB

The Windows Control & Graphics programmes are relatively untried but please report any problems to rs@aquantic-logie-fish-counters-ltd.com and we will try to resolve them ASAP.

The pdf files require Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to be viewed. If you do not have Reader installed, follow the link to Adobe on our links page. Right click on the above to download pdf file.